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13. July 2011

Three Toyota E-Drive Cars Coming in 2012

During Toyota's annual dealers meeting, the company announced that it would be introducing in North America three electric drive vehicles, presumably in targeted markets, initially. The models include an all-electric version of the RAV4 SUV, the Scion iQ EV and the plug-in version of the popular Prius. While the RAV4 and iQ are entirely battery-powered, the Plug-in Prius's primary powerplant remains its 1.8L Atkinson-cycle IC engine. Its small battery pack is recharged from the grid and provides upwards to 12 miles of driving range in electric-mode.

The RAV4 EV re-incarnates a decade-old model first introduced in California, then later cancelled as the State's EV mandate wound down. Many of the original 300 models sold to consumers are still on the road. Technology in the newest version was developed under contract by Tesla Motors.

The Scion iQ EV is based on small, four-passenger gasoline model. Pricing was not officially released on any of the models.