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14. October 2011 17:01 Age: 3 yrs
Category: News

Honam Leading Industry Office from South Korea with 14 companies exhibiting at eCarTec 2011 in Munich

South Korea is one of the most dynamic countries, when it comes to emobility. This is one of the corner stone the South Korean government is emphasizing in realizing low-carbon and green growth.


Honam Leading Industry Office is the leading emobility cluster in South, which is represented at eCarTec 2011 Munich with 14 companies in various sectors like electric cars, charging station, energy storage system and further components. Here are some highlights:


AD Motors is specializing in electric cars. CHANGE from AD Motors has a max. speed of 60km/h, max. power output is 16kw (2200rpm) and its driving method is front wheel drive. With lithium battery, driving distance is 78km per charge. It takes approx. 6~7 hours to charge fully by home 220V or only 30minutes by high-speed battery charger.


CHANGE has a compact and future-oriented design shall attract young generation, who are radical and rational and has economical concern with high efficiency and low maintenance cost. CHANGE is suitable for using in large plants, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, airports, harbors, university campus and golf resorts.


GND Wintech offers electric cars with One body-Two Sash system “In Line System & In-wheel Motor System”. This is a front-wheel driving type, which is adapted to a new concept of gear shift system as the jog & shuttle shift gears system, and makes the soft and strong feeling at the time of the changing shift and increasing speed by powerful torque.


GND Wintech is also representing 4 seat positioning system although the length of the vehicle is very short (3,150mm). It has also maximized the loading space and offers convenience by individual folding system of the rear seat.


Signet System is presenting a high-speed battery charger for electric cars.


This charger is for the use of charging station and patented integration of parallel operation. Dispersion controlling technology was applied to.


It has a feature of expending a charging capacity infinitely according to requirements if necessary.


Having this feature, not only general electric cars but also electric cars with a large capacity such as buses or trucks can be charged with this product. A module plan for the charger based on the patented technology able a simple A/S which separate and replace only broken modules and make other modules operate normally in spite of partial broken modules.


Accordingly it is great in the cost of maintenance and it has a smaller size and has simpler directions compared to Existing products.

For further information, pls contact Mrs. Ji-Hyun Lee, HanDok Partners in Munich: lee@handok-partners.com