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15. October 2011 16:03 Age: 3 yrs
Category: News

US Making Sense of the Green Transportation Strategy

Instead of chasing pie in the sky, the U.S. Department of Energy has outlined a brand new investment stragey favouring green transportation technologies that have already shown potential.

In its “Inaugural Quadrennial Technology Review Report” the Department of Energy summarised six key strategies, three of which directly pertains to green transportation. The main weight will be put upon increasing vehicle efficiency. It is by far the cheapest and most widely available improvement that can be implemented by almost any car manufacturer. The super-fuel-efficient petrol and diesel cars that are suddenly starting to crop up here and there is no major breakthrough – it’s just tweaking and tuning what we’re familiar with for 120 years – the internal combustion engine.

The other two points outlined in the U.S. DoE strategy is electrification of the fleets (and that’s where our old friend Smith Electric becomes a major player) and deployment of alternative fuels.

It is expected that companies developing electric cars and other alternative fuel vehicles will see a large chunk of DoE’s $3 billion yearly research and development funding coming their way. This move has also suddenly made the electric car sector more appealing for both private and corporate investors. I believe it’s a great move that will also nudge the Governments in Europe to re-think their strategy.