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15. October 2011 16:04 Age: 3 yrs
Category: News

US Marines Go Electric

US Marines have added Smith Electric Trucks to their fleet. The Marine Corps has become the first military organisation to purchase the Smith Newton all-electric truck. Two all-electric Smith Newton trucks have just been sold to USMC.

Smith Newtons have been ordered through the Government Services Administration (GSA) schedule, which is a list of approved suppliers to Federal government agencies. Not bad for a British company to make this elite list. Smith Electric will deliver the trucks to Camp Pendleton, California, the Corps’ largest West Coast training facility, and home of the First Marine Expeditionary Force.

US Army has “played” with the idea of alternative vehicles for a while. When it comes to electric cars, it looks like they are fully committed to add thousands of those to their fleet within the next few years. It’s great that Smith Electric will be a part of this expansion.